Zoho Mail Suite

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Zoho Mail gives you an amazing email platform that contains a mixture of ad-free, clean, minimalist interface and powerful features that are geared for business and professional use.

Experience a fast, clean, Webmail that has powerful features matching or even superior to those you will find in desktop email clients. Immediately control of your inbox and get the freedom you need from tedious software upgrades.

Zoho Mail suite has Zoho Docs. This means your team can create, collaborate, and edit text, presentation as well as spreadsheet documents with the help of the most sophisticated online editors. You will experience faster work and better productivity with your online office.

Zoho Mail Benefits

Zoho Mail offers various domain management options for companies. For instance, your company can register a new domain, handle multiple domains and quickly enable mail hosting for those who already have an owned domain.

The tool’s powerful admin control panel that has simple and robust interface gives your office administrators a fully complete control on various functions such as email restriction policies, group management, domain management, and more.

It can block unwanted emails based on IP Address, subject content, and domain for the whole organization, handle incoming/outgoing mails for those who are corporate users, and handle spam blacklists/white lists. With the tool, you will be in complete management as an Administrator.

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