Quality Assurance & Testing
In order to ensure this quality is present, we undertake a clear and objective review of work processes and deliverables throughout the life of the Project. This review is achieved through a variety of means including discussions with individual members of the client project team as well as review of documents and artefacts both pre- and post-sharing with the client.

Build Quality in System

Our Build Quality in System (“BQIS”) ensures that we deliver quality client service at all times. It a critical element in the work process that contribute to success. Building these elements into projects increases client satisfaction, generates team cohesion, ensures discipline in the way we work, and contributes to the organization’s overall success. In addition to delivering work that is of high technical quality, feedback from our clients has confirmed their need for responsiveness, their desire to minimize surprises and their appreciation of our investment in communicating with them and understanding their organizations. BQI aims to strengthen our ability to address these concerns.

Project Team Review

As part of the preparation of deliverables, several reviews for both content and quality occur within the internal project team. This happens on both an informal or formal process, depending on the level of importance of the particular deliverable. In addition to internal team members, our resources will reach out to other experts within the Olivet Cloud Solutions to provide subject matter expertise as a part of the review of designs, presentations or other deliverables.
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