Zoho SalesIQ


Zoho SalesIQ is a tool used in tracking website visitors and offers live chat support to customers.

Small and large companies use it to engage their customers, and to get invaluable statistical data to improve their performance and to uncover opportunities. The tool displays multiple information like site behavior of a visitor and visitor location.

Benefits of Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ is a tool that analyzes a  customer actions and uses them to improve company's marketing strategy .This tool allows you to be present for potential customers and to answer their questions in real-time, which is a strong motivation for lead conversion.

Zoho SalesIQ’s helps in identifying new and returning store visitors. Identify hot prospects based on their landing page time on store and referrer campaign. Set rules to automatically initiate proactive chat invitations.

It also integrates with Zoho CRM, which makes customer follow up easier. Entering lead information manually can be exhausting, but Zoho SalesIQ does this for you automatically.

Features of Zoho SalesIQ

  • Visitor Activity Tracking

  • Personalized/Live Chat

  • E-commerce Integration

  • Content Management System Integration

  • Visitor Geolocation Tracking

  • Lead Scoring

  • Lead Generation

  • Pre-built report

  • Follow up actions

  • Email Campaign

  • Real-time Traffic Monitoring

  • Customized chat box

  • Prioritized list of website visitors

  • Action Analytics

  • JavaScript APIs

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