Zoho Reports


Zoho Reports is an online business intelligence and reporting software that helps you analyze your business data for better decision making.

With zoho reports you can upload spreadsheets and other tabular data securely. It supports CSV, TSV, XLS and HTML files. Data can be added directly  using the 'spreadsheet-like' interface. Most importantly you can also access zoho reports interface anytime, anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser.

Benefits of Zoho Reports

Easy to use: Its spreadsheet-like interface and report drag-and-drop makes it very interactive for users.

Easy to implement: There is no cost for hardware or software maintenance

Easy Accessibility: you can access zoho reports from anywhere and anytime by just logging into your computer and opening a browser.

Security: Your data is secure and safe from hackers

Collaboration: In Zoho Reports,sharing, collaboration and publishing are inbuilt. Access control permissions allows you to control who can access or view your reports.


  • Upload data from spreadsheets, databases & Google Docs

  • Share reports and dashboards with your colleagues/friends

  • Complete white label solutions

  • Web-based access from anywhere

  • SQL query, API support for power users

  • Spreadsheet like interface

  • No downloads/No Installs

  • Embed reports in web pages, intranets, blogs, applications

  • Drag-and-drop based report and dashboard creation

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