Cloud Storage
Olivet Cloud Storage is a distributed storage system for static data such as virtual machine images, photo storage, email storage, backups and archives. Unlike traditional file system data are saved in multiple copies.

Objects and files are written to multiple disk drives spread throughout servers in the data center to ensure data replication and integrity across the cluster. Should a server or a hard drive fail, system replicates its content from other active nodes to new locations in the cluster.

Our Cloud Storage Features

Unlimited cloud storage
Store and archive large amounts of data - pay only for what you use.

Hard drive and node failure agnostic
Reliability and data redundancy protecting from failures.

No central database
Higher performance, no bottlenecks.

Web based access
Upload and download objects through our web based management console.

Scalable architecture
Grow as you need.

Built-in replication
3x data redundancy.

Standardized API access
Universal storage

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