Google Apps Vault
Google Apps Vault is an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for managing information critical to your business and preserving important data. It can reduce the costs of litigation, regulatory investigation and compliance actions.
Businesses of all sizes need to be prepared for the unexpected. In today's environment where unrecoverable , using Vault to manage, archive and preserve your data can help protect your business. Litigation costs can really take a toll on a business when minor lawsuits can run up to many thousands of dollars, and larger lawsuits can cost even more.
Vault helps protect your business with easy-to-use search so you can quickly find and preserve data to respond to unexpected customer claims, lawsuits or investigations.

Retention policies: Define retention policies that are automatically applied to your email and chat messages.
Email and chat archiving: Your email and chat messages are archived and retained according to your policies, preventing inadvertent deletions.
E-discovery: Be prepared for litigation and compliance audits with powerful search tools that help you find and retrieve relevant email and chat messages.
Legal hold: Place legal holds on users as needed. Email and chat messages can't be deleted by users when they're placed on hold.
Export: Export specific email and chat messages to standard formats for additional processing and review.
Audits: Run reports on user activity and actions in the archive. Searches, message views, exports and more are shown.
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