Humble Till (POS)

The humble Till is an easy to use affordable Cloud- based Point of Sale solution, that manages your stock and provides you with insightful analytics to help you grow your business

Benefits of Humble Till

Easy to Use

It only takes minutes to learn how to use the Till, your staff will love it.

Simple and Affordable

Humble Till is very affordable.

Use your Hardware

Whether you want to run on an iPad, Mac or PC, the humble Till will work for you.

Simplify your Accounting

Everything you do on the humble Till is synced to your Sage One account.

Key Features:

- Point of Sale

- Inventory Management

- Cloud Reporting

- Cloud Back Ups

- Works on and offline

- Works with the Socket Mobile CHS7 & CHS8 Scanners

- Full accounting integration into Sage One

- Work seamlessly with SnapScan

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