Sage ERP X3 System Requirements
Sage ERP X3 system requirements, architecture and technology  needed to get the ERP software up and running properly.

Sage X3 Multi-tier Architecture

The Sage ERP X3 architecture is organized in layers so that data management, process execution, and information display are handled independently. This multi-tier architecture ensures highly reliable system operations in all circumstances.

At the heart of the Sage ERP X3 design is an open architecture that provides your company with a free choice of operating systems, databases, network environment, and deployment options.

Sage X3 runs equally well on Microsoft Windows®, Unix, or Linux Red Hat, with either Oracle or Microsoft SQL databases. It can be deployed as a web application, a desktop application, or both (dual mode).

SAGE ERP X3 Architecture & Technology Brochure

Sage X3 Hardware Requirements for Windows Installation

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