Sage ERP X3 Overview
Sage ERP X3 is a full-service enterprise management software system for mid-market businesses aimed at meeting the most elaborate business processes, while remaining cost-effective, quick to implement and simple to use.  With its Web 2.0 technology, Sage ERP X3 focuses on collaborative technology and customizable ergonomics to simplify your processes and increase efficiency.

There are three critical competencies that every business must possess to manage growth, reduce costs, and better serve their customers.
Only Sage ERP X3 enables you to completely deliver on all three, providing the most comprehensive enterprise resource planning solution for midsized businesses.

Whether you have 50 or 5,000 employees, and 1 location or global operations, you will benefit from:
  * True web technology, letting you work seamlessly in the cloud and in your office.
  * Best-of-breed functionality, including financials, manufacturing, distribution, supply chain, retail, and integrated CRM.
  * Industry-leading Total Cost of Ownership.
  * Integrated business intelligence, dashboards and device-independent reporting.
  * Embedded workflow, role-based Visual Processes and alerts.

 Sage ERP X3 is the market leader in solutions fully dedicated to midsize and large companies. Thanks to its application extensions, its international scope, and its expert and advanced functionalities, Sage ERP X3 adapts to your company regardless of size or organisation style. Sage ERP X3 helps you to constantly align operations with the company strategy and to run your activity from all angles.
Sage ERP X3 transforms your integrated management system into a truly collaborative internal and external environment. Based on flexible, open architecture oriented towards Web services, SageERP X3 can cater to up to 2,000 simultaneous users within your organisation.
With built-in technical functionalities available as standard, SAFE X3 makes it easier to use and manage Sage ERP X3: workflow, publication of Web services, batch server, out-of-the-box business intelligence, Web portal, etc.

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