Sage 300 ERP Manufacturing
Developed using Sage 300 ERP SDK & dedicated manufacturing module is fully integrated with the Sage 300 ERP financial and distribution modules.
Sage ERP 300 supports all of the planning, scheduling and production control activities for either process or discrete manufacturing, and adapts to different manufacturing modes, including make-to-order, configure-to-order, assemble-to-order, make-to-stock and mixed-mode environments. The manufacturing module is fully integrated with the Sales, CRM, Purchasing, Inventory and Finance components.

Manufacturing Order

Sage 300 ERP - Manufacturing Order module is an easy-to-use manufacturing solution for small to medium-sized enterprises. Its design is fully integrated with Sage 300 ERP Finance and Logistics modules. Simple yet powerful, it  enables an efficient manufacturing operation flow covering material purchase, processing manufacturing orders, work in progress, routing cost calculation, material consumption, material scrap and item substitution and order closeout. The design of the Manufacturing Order module is conceptualized to fully accommodate users’ business processes needs and expectations.

Production Planning

Sage 300 ERP - Production Planning module is an easy-to-use production scheduling and materials requirement planning solution. It makes full use of the manufacturing and bill of material information in the Manufacturing Order , sales information as contained in Sage 300 ERP Orfer Entry, stock data within Sage 300 ERP Inventory control and purchase information in Sage 300 ERP Purchase order. With the Production Planning module, Sage 300 can now truly generate full blown basic Master production Scheduling and Material Requirements Planining plans.

Manufacturing Order Lot Tracking

Sage 300 ERP - Manufacturing Order Lot Tracking Add-on module fully integrates with our Manufacturing Order module and with the lot/serial tracking features of the Sage 300 Inventory Control modules. It allows warehouse personnel to define lot/serial tracking information for materials issued, returned and received in the warehouse.

By integrating with the Inventory control module, M/L minimizes end user workload in keeping track of lot records. Users now have only one stock balance to keep and one lot/serial tracking record to update. All lot/serial balance and history records are kept within Sage 300 inventory control
Shop Floor Control

Sage 300 ERP - The Manufacturing Shop Floor Control module allows users to record time entries and shop transactions of Manufacturing order operations. It provides detailed production data captured between the releases to receipt of Manufacturing order quantity.

Shop transactions include the setting up of the work stations to the actual runtime and receipt of operation output. In addition, it also tracks the occurrence of station downtime

The Shop Floor Control module effectively replaces the production logs with an online system linked to the Manufacturing order data for Manufacturing. This module provides management with operation status updates and periodic operation efficiencies and work station utilization data.

Download sage 300 ERP Manufacturing datasheet

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