Sage 300 with MIMSYS for Healthcare
Get Sage MIMSYS Solutions for Healthcare.  An ERP Solution that covers all functional and operational needs of Hospital and Health Care Centers. 

MIMSYS is a real-time, on-line integrated information management system for clinics and hospitals, addressing all critical areas of a typical healthcare setup.

It is modular and flexible. The various modules are fully integrated.
While computerizing the various functions ranging from patient registration to clinical services, it provides immediate access to clinical and administrative data, streamlines the scheduling and management of clinic visits and admissions, improves the dispensing of medications, facilitates management of Laboratory and Radiology functions and more.

The system allows implementation in a phased manner, with flexibility for the users and the management of the Hospital/Clinic to decide and prioritize the sequence of modules to be implemented. However, when used for various aspects of Hospital/Clinic management, it forms a single robust and integrated environment offering powerful, immediate data access across the database. For example, the laboratory investigation results are accessible from a ward terminal, the pharmacy department are able to obtain patient allergy reactions, and the nursing department are be able to access laboratory reports, and so on. Request for Sage MIMSYS Demo

Sage MIMSYS Modules

1.MIMSYS System Manager |  2.Patient Appointment |  3.Electronic Health Record (EHR) |  4.Admission, Transfer and Discharge | 5.Nursing Station & Assessment | 6.Nursing Protocols (Integrated Care Plan) |  7.Care Provider Forms |  8.Triage & Emergency |  9.Laboratory |  10.Radiology |  11.Insurance & Claims Management  | 12.Evaluation & Management | 13.Out-Patient Billing| 14.In-Patient Billing | 15.Inventory | 16.Pharmacy  | 17.Operations Room | 18.Quality Control | 19. Blood Bank |20. Infection Control (Vaccination & Immunization) | 21.Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD)| 22.Image Management | 23.Document Manager | 24.Dietary & Kitchen | 25.MIMSYS E-Prescription | 26.Claim and Reclaims

Features of Sage MIMSYS Solution

- World Class Architecture
- Modular and Integrated
- Tuned to the international standards
- Flexible Design
- Phased Implementation
- MIS Reporting Capabilities
- Ease of Customization
- Maintainability
- Web-enabled applications
- System built to match your work flow
- Compatible with international standards such as HL 7, ICD & CPT codes
- Easily integrates with a host of systems
- Access anytime from anywhere etc

Why Sage 300 With MIMSYS

- The only true Hospital ERP in the market today.
- From Appointment to Balance Sheet in one product.
- True End to end integration throughout the Hospital.
- Developed by a world class Sage development partner, Mimsys.
- An industry solution based on the world class and award winning architecture of Sage 300 ERP.
- An Investment that will very quickly pay for itself.

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